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Lisbon Architecture Triennale
12 Sep – 15 Dec 2013

Close, Closer is a series of exhibitions and public programmes which aims to challenge and question the role of the architect in contemporary society. We are initiating a discussion around this fast-changing landscape and your input is critical. How can we get closer? It's over to you!

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BEEUtifull City

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013’s Education Team and BEEVERYCREATIVE invite students and professionals with skills in 3D modeling to participate.

Apply until 18th November 2013.

We want original, relevant and positive ideas that value public space and reveal opportunities for intervention in architecture, design and art in the alive and complex network that is part of the social reality of this specific neighborhood, São Vicente in Lisbon. We are searching for projects, which can produce an exchange qualitative process with this territory and its community, finding ways to understand, accentuate, functionalize and integrate with other social, economic and cultural issues. The proposals must operate in context of the surroundings specificities - learning from them in order to build a positive intervention. This area, Campo de Santa Clara, near Lisbon Architecture Triennale headquarters at Palace Sinel Cordes, has a patrimonial, historical and cultural legacy which is exemplary and diverse; some of its iconic locations are: Garden Botto Machado, National Pantheon, Santa Clara Market, D. Fernando’s Wall or the Church of São Vicente de Fora, and one of the oldest traditional fairs in Lisboa, Feira da Ladra.

The prize to be awarded aims to develop the state of the art of 3D home printing technology and to disseminate its use in the creative process of the architect, artist or designer.
– 1st prize: The winner project will receive one BEETHEFIRST 3D Home Printer.
– 10 selected projects will be printed by BEETHEFIRST and presented in a public ceremony, to be scheduled at Lisbon Architecture Triennale headquarters, Sinel de Cordes Palace, and online in the BEEVERYCREATIVE project’s database for urban intervention BEEutifull City: www.beeverycreative.com
– A certificate will be delivered to the 10 selected projects and winner.