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Lisbon Architecture Triennale
12 Sep – 15 Dec 2013

Close, Closer is a series of exhibitions and public programmes which aims to challenge and question the role of the architect in contemporary society. We are initiating a discussion around this fast-changing landscape and your input is critical. How can we get closer? It's over to you!

Read the Close, Closer launch booklet


About + Useful info

The Education Service is a laboratory for people of all ages and skills, focusing on creativity, debate and experimentation. Our motto is: things don’t have a single point of view. As a democratic endeavour, education assumes an idea of the future in its incorporation, provision, and legitimation of specific practices of social life. With the collaboration of various experts, educators, architects, writers, artists, scientists, we propose new experiences that convey the complexities of the world, sharing a participatory, humanistic, rather than economistic, understanding of learning.
We have developed a programme of visits, workshops, talks, open days, walks and circuits in the city. Founded in the main contents of Close, Closer, these activities encourage the public to cultivate talents, enrich their collective stories, and contribute to a shared meaningful outcome.

Useful info

  • Bookings

    – The activities are subject to a pre-booking with the Education Team, from Monday to Friday between 10:00h and 18:30h.
    – Please fill out the registration form which is available on our website next to each activity.
    – Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance.

    Note: To book any activity at Museu da Electricidade - Future Perfect exhebition, please contact: + 351 21 0028 130/190, museudaeletricidade@edp.pt or fill the registration form available on our website, next to each activity.

  • Info for pre-booking

    – In which activity are you registering;
    – School or Institution;
    – Class / Course;
    – Education level;
    – Number of participants (students + teachers);
    – Dates and time.

  • After pre-booking

    – The Education Service will send the confirmation within 48 hours;
    – The appointment is subject to later confirmation by e-mail;
    – The confirmation document sent by the Educational Service shall be submitted by the group leader to the activity monitor on his arrival;
    – The group should always be accompanied by a teacher or other person responsible during the activity;
    – Participants should follow the instructions of the exhibitions' assistants and activity monitors.

  • Obervations

    – Please be punctual;
    – Individual visitors will be integrated into groups when available;
    – For unexpected reasons, the activities may be subject to schedule and/or time changes.

  • Warnings

    – In case of withdrawal of the activity there will be no refund of the amount paid, however you can reschedule the activity subject to availability.
    – Groups organizing free visits should inform the Education Team by e-mail about the scheduled date and time, for a better articulation of entrances in the space.