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Lisbon Architecture Triennale
12 Sep – 15 Dec 2013

Close, Closer is a series of exhibitions and public programmes which aims to challenge and question the role of the architect in contemporary society. We are initiating a discussion around this fast-changing landscape and your input is critical. How can we get closer? It's over to you!

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  • Beatrice Galilee

    © Lynton Pepper

    Chief curator
    Beatrice Galilee is a London based curator, writer, critic and lecturer, specialising in the dissemination of contemporary architecture and design. She is the co-founder and director of The Gopher Hole, an independent project space in London created to provide a platform for interdisciplinary, political and social design and debate. She trained as an architect and received MSc History of Architecture from University College London. Beatrice has worked as a curator at the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale in Korea and 2009 Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale. She was architecture editor of Icon magazine between 2006 – 8, and is now a freelance contributor to multiple international publications and on architecture and design. She is an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

  • Liam Young

    © Lynton Pepper

    Curator, Future Perfect
    Liam Young is an architect who operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures. Founder of the Tomorrows Thoughts Today think tank, a group whose work explores the possibilities of fantastic, perverse and imaginary urbanisms, he also runs the Unknown Fields Division, a nomadic workshop that holds annual expeditions to the ends of the Earth to investigate unreal and forgotten landscapes, alien terrains and industrial ecologies. Liam’s projects develop fictional speculations as critical instruments to survey the consequences of emerging environmental and technological futures.

  • Mariana Pestana

    © Lynton Pepper

    Curator, The Real and Other Fictions
    Mariana Pestana, as an architecture curator and designer, makes spaces that stage real and unreal experiences, where individuals perform, act or re-enact themselves. Her work usually takes the form of exhibitions, installations and events. Co-founder of ‘The Decorators’, Mariana holds a degree in architecture from FAUP (Porto) and an MA in Narrative Enviroments from CSM (London). She is currently a PhD candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and an associate lecturer at Chelsea College of Art and Design and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

  • José Esparza Chong Cuy

    © Lynton Pepper

    Curator, New Publics
    José Esparza Chong Cuy works with architecture through events, exhibitions, and printed matter. His work is heavily informed by political affairs – both contemporary and historic – in an attempt to situate architecture within a larger social discourse. Esparza received a M.S. in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices in Architecture from Columbia University in 2012 with the help of the Beca Arquitecto Marcelo Zambrano (Cemex) and the Fondo Nacional de Cultura y las Artes (FONCA). While based in new York, he held positions at Storefront for Art and Architecture and Domus Magazine. He now lives and works independently in Mexico City.

  • Dani Admiss

    Co-curator, The Institute Effect

    Dani Admiss is a London-based curator. Her projects focus on the exchange between design, architecture and cultural production. She is interested in the staging and consumption of these phenomena within critical and social contexts, specifically the dialogue they share with emerging exhibition formats. Dani holds a degree in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths College University and an MA in Curating Contemporary Design at Kingston University in partnership with the Design Museum.

  • Executive Team

    Executive Director
    Manuel Henriques

    Management Assistant
    Ana Fernandes

    Communication and Press
    Maria Schiappa, (coord.)
    Joana Cordeiro
    Rute Paredes, Editor

    Communication Assistants
    Diogo Lopes
    Leonor Carrilho
    Rita Pinto

    Raquel Pinto (coord.)
    Beatriz Severes (intern)
    Paulo Alves (intern)
    Raquel Silva (intern)

    Isabel Antunes (coord.)
    Sofia Baptista (coord.)
    Sónia Costa
    Liliana Lino (intern)
    Vitório Leite
    Inês Galrão (intern)

    Production Assistants
    Adriana Ferreira Gil
    Ana Luísa Silva
    André Veiga Rosa
    Benedetta Lorenzotti
    Carla Lopes
    Cláudia Martins
    Darunee Terdtoontaveedej
    Derya Karaali
    Edith Fung
    Eduardo Oliveira
    Elsa Marques
    Javier Irigaray
    Juste Peciulyte
    Mariana Aguiar
    Mariana Fartaria
    Mariana Viana
    Rúben Castro
    Sara Molarinho
    Sérgio Freitas
    Vittorio Gregnanin

    Fundraising and Partnerships
    Sara Battesti (coord.)
    Telma Rodrigues

    Education and Volunteer Programme
    Susana Gaudêncio (coord.)
    Catarina Ribeiro

    Assistant to the Chief Curator
    Rita Marques

    Associated Projects
    Inês Marques (intern.)


  • Board

    José Mateus

    Nuno Sampaio

    José Manuel dos Santos

    Maria Dalila Rodrigues

    Pedro Araújo e Sá


  • Supervisory Board

    Sérgio Paulo Jacob Figueiredo

    Miguel Luís Cortês Pinto de Melo

    José Miguel Alecrim Duarte

  • Advisory Board

    Álvaro Siza Vieira
    Ana Tostões
    António Mega Ferreira
    António Mexia
    António Pinto Ribeiro
    Augusto Mateus
    Bernardo Futscher Pereira
    Delfim Sardo
    Eduardo Souto Moura
    Fernanda Fragateiro
    Francisco Capelo
    Gonçalo Byrne
    Goncalo M. Tavares
    João Gomes da Silva
    João Fernandes
    João Luís Carrilho da Graça
    João Pinharanda
    João Belo Rodeia
    Jorge Gaspar
    Jorge Sampaio
    José Monterroso Teixeira
    Luís Sáragga Leal
    Manuel Graça Dias
    Manuel Mateus
    Manuel Pinho
    Manuel Reis
    Miguel Vieira Baptista
    Miguel Von Hafe Pérez


  • Associated Members

    Casa da Arquitectura
    Fundação EDP
    Ordem dos Arquitectos
    José Mateus, Arquiteto

  • Volunteers

    Chelsea College of Art and Design | Architecture:
    Judit Bedo

    Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas da Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo | Conservation and Interior Reabilitation:
    Ana Leal

    Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha | Fine Arts:
    Ana Margarida Sousa

    Rui Cruz

    Sérgio Azevedo

    Thomas Mendonça

    Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura del Vallès, Barcelona | Architecture:
    Alba Folqué

    İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi | Faculty of Architecture | Architecture:
    Derya Karaali

    Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa | Electrotechnical Engeneering:
    José Marneca
    Mykhaylo Zahyka

    Instituto Universitário de Lisboa | Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa | Architecture:
    Ana Rodrigues dos Santos
    Sara Margarida Lança

    Kingston University | Curating Contemporary Design:
    Edith Fung

    Panthéon-Sorbonne Université | Design & Environments:
    Juste Peciulyte

    Politecnico di Torino | Facoltà di Architettura | Architecture:
    Vittorio Gregnanin

    Universidade Católica Portuguesa | Faculdade de Ciências Humanas | Media and Cultural Studies:
    Cristiana Nunes
    Diogo Lopes
    Janete Pereira
    Leonor Carrilho
    Rita Pinto

    Universidade de Coimbra | Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia | Architecture:
    Carla Lopes

    Universidade de Coimbra | Faculdade de Humanidades | Biomedical Engineer:
    Sérgio Matos

    Universidade de Évora | Faculdade de Arquitectura | Architecture:
    Cláudia Martins
    Inês Batista
    Mariana Fartaria

    Universidade de Évora | Faculdade de Arquitectura | Landscape Architecture:
    Adriana Ferreira Gil
    Ricardo Toucinho

    Universidade de Lisboa | Faculdade de Arquitectura | Architecture:

    Ana Luísa Silva
    Ana Martins

Ana Rosa Amaral

    André Veiga Rosa

    António Quadrado

    Carlos Morais

    Catarina Guerra

    Cláudia Rosete

    Elsa Sofia Marques

    Inês Horta

Inês Galrão

    Inês Marques
    Inês Mateus

    Joana Branco

Luís Gama Brage

    Mafalda Monteiro

Maria Cruchinho

    Maria Liberato
    Mariana Martins

    Mariana Viana

    Marta Ramalho

    Miguel Góis Batista

    Miguel Guimarães

    Patricia Reis

Ruben Castro

    Vânia Luís


    Universidade de Lisboa | Faculdade de Belas Artes | Communication Design:

    Beatriz Severes
    Maria Carolina
    Paulo Alves
    Raquel Silva

    Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa | Faculdade de Arquitectura e Artes | Architecture:
    Catarina Rombo
    Filipa Lindo
    Inez Paiva

    Joana Freitas
    Liliana Nóbrega
    Maria Macedo
    Rita Marques
    Sara David
    Sara Molarinho Marques

    Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias | Cultural Programming and Management:
    Telma Rodrigues

    Universidade Moderna de Lisboa | Architecture:
    João Inácio

    Universidad de Navarra | Facultad de Arquitectura | Architecture:
    Javier Iriagaray

    Universidade Nova de Lisboa | Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas | Museology:
    Raquel Pereira

    University of Porthsmouth | Architecture:
    Mariana Aguiar

    Universidade do Porto | Faculdade de Arquitectura | Architecture:

    Francisco Pinto
    Guilherme Pedrosa
    Hugo Fiúza
    Mark Rego
    Tiago Freitas

    Universidade do Porto | Faculdade de Belas Artes | Visual Arts:
    Patricia Freire

    Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" | Facoltà di Architettura e Progetto | Architecture:
    Benedetta Lorenzotti

    Universidade Técnica de Lisboa | Instituto Superior Técnico | Architecture:
    Ana Fernandes
    Ana Pinheiro
    Daniel Rego
    Eduardo Oliveira
    Hugo Ferreira
    Marta Leitão
    Paulo Fontainha
    Ramon Carvalho
    Paulo Fontainha
    Ramon Carvalho
    Sara Carnide
    Sérgio Freitas
    Tomás Sales Marques

    Universidade Técnica de Lisboa | Instituto Superior Técnico | Materials Engeneering:
    Francisco Matos

    Universidade Técnica de Lisboa | Instituto Superior Técnico | Civil Engeneering:
    Pedro Gomes